About Mozaty

At Mozaty, arguably India’s only such platform, our mission is to create a community of professionals, who help each other find creative freelancers and agencies from the field of advertising, branding and communications.

Why we created Mozaty

The idea to start such a portal came when we realized that the professionals from the industry, both start-ups and corporates, struggle to find reliable and competent service providers for any creative work especially those pertaining to advertising, branding and communications. The professionals keep reaching out to peer group members for their references and endorsements. The irony is that people also tend to take the ratings and reviews about such service providers on various portals with a pinch of salt. We felt the pain of these professionals and decided to find a solution.

How Mozaty helps

Mozaty is designed to help professionals take informed decisions about selection of creative partners. The ratings and reviews are allowed only through LinkedIn profile with a view to facilitating credible feedback from genuine people. Besides, one can see and compare the work folio, team profiles and client list of listed service providers within a few clicks.

How Mozaty works

We intend to bring both, the service seekers and service providers on the same platform for mutual benefits.

a) For Service Providers

  • Create your account
  • Upload your work folio, team profile, client list
  • Invite your clients to rate and review your work

b) For Service Seekers

  • Search: From amongst the listed service providers
  • Select: Analyse and compare the offerings of listed service providers based on their work folio, team profile, client list and ratings & reviews
  • Connect: Either send a query or call up the concerned official

Who should register and advertise on Mozaty

Any service provider, freelancer or agency from the field of Advertising, Branding and Communications, who is keen to get

  • Instant access to a large country-wide client base
  • Enhanced visibility for the body of work and team profile
  • Increased brand recall
  • Regular business leads and customer queries

Our values

We as an enterprise believe that businesses of all kinds, big or small, should work on a system of moral principles that is considered right and appropriate for individuals and society.

*Please note that we do not charge any commission for the work any Service provider gets through Mozaty.