About mozaty

It’s our firm belief that any business, big or small, must be conducted in a fair, authentic and trustworthy manner.

Our maiden entrepreneurial venture, Mozaty is a manifestation of our intent. The idea of Mozaty, thus, germinated to address a fundamental concern in the field of advertising, branding and communications – the struggle for professionals to search for and choose trusted service providers.

Feedback from peer group professionals is the key differentiator.

At Mozaty, an online portal, we help you take informed decisions based on genuine ratings and reviews by peer professionals and a visual gallery of the body of work to connect and collaborate with credible partners.

Why mozaty

For communication professionals, the search for a right service provider who will do quality work, who is easy to work with and most importantly who delivers work on time, is tedious, tiring and time-consuming. Likewise, those offering such services are also on the constant lookout for acquiring new customers.

Our research has revealed that communication professionals tend to believe the credentials of those service providers who are recommended by peer professionals.

At Mozaty, we intend to bring both the groups together and help them connect and collaborate for mutual benefits.

What you get

Authenticate feedback and recommendations from peer professionals

Variety of options to choose from

Convenience of finding the right partners

Quick snapshot of work profile, client profile and team profile of the agencies/ freelancers

Easy comparison and evaluation of competitive offerings

What service providers get

  • Instant access to a large customer base
  • Single platform to showcase the body of work and team profile
  • Credible recommendations from customers
  • Brand visibility
  • Customer query based on recommendations of communication professionals

What we mitigate

  • Risk of not knowing the credibility of people/ agencies you are working with
  • Possibility of being misled by fake ratings and reviews
  • Pain of searching right partners
  • Lack of knowledge and awareness of available resources
  • Clutter of offerings through authenticated feedback from peers

Who should register

  • Those who provide services in the field of Advertising, Branding and Communications
  • Those who are constantly seeking to reach out to new customers
  • Those who want to showcase their body of work to a large group of professionals
  • Those who want to enhance their visibility and build their brand
  • Those who value the significance of credible ratings, reviews and recommendations

Who should advertise

Any service provider who is looking to build and enhance brand in the niche segment of advertising, branding and communication